Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Titles for June

The following titles are published for the first time in June. A couple of titles have their premiere in the US but most are UK publications. This is taken from Euro Crime's Future Releases by month page which currently goes up to 2010:
Akunin, Boris - Pelagia and the Red Rooster, #3 Pelagia, 19th Century Russian Nun

Allison, Eric & Jones, Bruce Kennedy - The Last Straight Face

Anderson, Louise - Death's Sister, #2 Lawyer Erin Patterson, Glasgow

Black, Benjamin - The Lemur

Bruen, Ken - Sanctuary, #7 Jack Taylor

Cumming, Charles - Typhoon

Dean, Anna - A Moment of Silence

Finnis, Jane - Buried too Deep, #3 Aurelia Marcella, Innkeeper, AD 90s, Roman Britain

Fossum, Karin - Broken

Fowler, Christopher - The Victoria Vanishes, #6 Inspectors Bryant and May, London

Fraser, Sara - The Resurrection Men, #2 Thomas Potts, reluctant Parish Constable, Worcs

Gimenez-Bartlett, Alicia - Death Rites, #3 Detective Petra Delicado, Spain

Giuttari, Michele - A Death in Tuscany, #2 Michele Ferrara, Squadra Mobile, Florence

Goodwin, Jason - The Bellini Card, #3 Yashim, The Ottoman Detective, 1830s Istanbul

Granger, Ann - A Mortal Curiosity, #2 Lizzie Martin, Lady's companion and Inspector Ben Ross, Victorian Era

Gregory, Susanna - The Devil's Disciples, #14 Matthew Bartholomew, 14th Century physician, Cambridge

Heley, Veronica - False Picture,#2 Bea Abbott, Sixty-something owner of The Abbott (Domestic) Agency

Hill, Reginald - The Roar of the Butterflies, #5 Joe Sixsmith, PI, Luton

Hill, Susan - The Vows of Silence, #4 Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler, Lafferton

Holt, Hazel - Time to Die, #18 Sheila Malory

Izner, Claude - The Montmartre Investigation, #3 Victor Legris, late 19th Century Paris

James, Peter - Dead Man's Footsteps, #4 Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, Brighton

Jecks, Michael - The Prophecy of Death, #25 Sir Baldwin Furnshill, Keeper of the King’s Peace, and Simon Puttock, Bailiff

John, Katherine - A Well-deserved Murder, #6 Trevor Joseph, Policeman

Johnston, Paul - The Collector of Souls,#2 Matt Wells

Kernick, Simon - Deadline

Maclean, Charles - Home Before Dark

Magson, Adrian - No Kiss for the Devil, #5 Investigative reporter Riley Gavin & Ex military cop Frank Palmer, London

Marston, Edward - The Brighton Express,#5 Det. Insp Colbeck, Scotland Yard, mid 19th Century

Martin, Andrew - Death on a Branch Line, #5 Jim Stringer, Train Fireman

McDermott, Andy - The Tomb of Hercules, #2 Archaeologist Nina Wilde & ex-SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase

McGee, James - Rapscallion, #3 Matthew Hawkwood, Bow Street Runner, Regency London

Medieval Murderers, The - The Lost Prophecies

Miles, Alan - You’re Only 39 Once, #1 Jim Diamond

Monroe, Grace - Blood Lines, #2 Brodie McClennan, Lawyer, Edinburgh

Myers, Amy - Murder in the Mist, #5 Peter and Georgia Marsh, father and daughter cold case investigators/authors, Kent

Nabb, Magdalen - Vita Nuova, #14 Marshal Guarnaccia, Florence, Italy

Nesser, Hakan - Mind's Eye, #4 Inspector Van Veeteren

Peacock, Caro - Death of a Dancer, #2 Liberty Lane, Victorian Era

Schenkel, Andrea Maria - The Murder Farm

Seymour, Gerald - Time Bomb

Sharp, Zoe - Third Strike, #7 Charlie Fox, ex-Special Forces soldier turned bodyguard

Thompson, Brian - The Widow's Secret, #1 Bella Wallis, writer, Victorian London

von Bohlen, Claus - Who is Charli Conti?

Waddell, Dan - The Blood Detective, #1 Genealogist Nigel Barnes

Walters, Michael - The Outcast, #3 Inspector Nergui of the Mongolian Serious Crime squad

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