Sunday, June 01, 2008

International Dagger Shortlist speculation...

The shortlist for the Duncan Lawrie International Dagger award (and the other awards) will be announced on Tuesday night. I'm particularly interested in the International Dagger as it's the only Dagger award for which translated crime novels are eligible. The criteria are:
Eligible books must be crime novels by the broadest definition including thrillers, suspense novels and spy fiction as long as the book was not originally written in English and has been translated into English for UK publication between June 1 2007 and May 31 2008 with a closing date for entries of 17 April 2008. After November 1 2007, titles submitted more than 30 days after publication date may be excluded.
From my database, I believe the following titles to be eligible. There will no doubt be some I have missed. I have included the non European books that I know about (links are to Euro Crime reviews):
Akunin, Boris - The State Counsellor
Benoit, Michel - The Thirteenth Apostle
Bonnot, Xavier-Marie - The First Fingerprint
Burman, Carina - The Streets of Babylon
Cabasson, Armand - Wolf Hunt
Cabasson, Armand - The Officer's Prey
Camilleri Andrea - The Patience of the Spider
Camilleri, Andrea - Rounding the Mark
Canobbio, Andrea - The Natural Disorder of Things
Cappellani, Ottavio - Who Is Lou Sciortino?
Carofiglio, Gianrico - Reasonable Doubts
Carofiglio, Gianrico - The Past Is Another Country
Chattam, Maxim - The Cairo Diary
Dahl, K O - The Man in the Window
De Cataldo, Giancarlo - Crimini: The Bitter Lemon Book of Italian Crime Fiction (editor)
Delalande, Arnauld - The Dante Trap
Edwardson, Ake - Frozen Tracks
Fossum, Karin - Black Seconds
Giuttari, Michele - A Florentine Death
Glauser, Friedrich - The Spoke
Gomez-Jurado, Juan - God's Spy
Grytten, Frode - The Shadow in the River
Hammesfahr, Petra - The Sinner
Hoeg, Peter - The Quiet Girl
Holt, Anne - The Final Murder (apa What Never Happens)
Indridason, Arnaldur - The Draining Lake
Izner, Claude - The Pere-Lachaise Mystery
Jego, Yves & Lepee, Denis - The Sun King Rises
Joensuu, Matti Yrjänä - To Steal Her Love
Jungstedt, Mari - Unspoken
Kaddour, Hedi - Waltenberg
Krajewski, Marek - Death in Breslau
Lackberg, Camilla - The Ice Princess
Larsson, Asa - The Blood Spilt
Larsson, Stieg - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Lucarelli, Carlo The Damned Season
Mankell, Henning - The Eye of the Leopard
Mankell, Henning - Kennedy's Brain
Manotti, Dominique - Lorraine Connection
Martinez, Guillermo - The Book of Murder
Mercier, Pascal - Night Train to Lisbon
Meyer, Deon - Devil's Peak
Miyabe, Miyuki - The Devil's Whisper
Navarro, Julia - The Bible of Clay
Nesbo, Jo - Nemesis
Ostergren, Klas - Gentlemen
Padura, Leonardo - Havana Gold
Parot, Jean-Francois - The Man with the Lead Stomach
Perez-Reverte, Arturo - The Painter of Battles
Perez-Reverte, Arturo - The King's Gold
Reig, Rafael - A Pretty Face
Schlink, Bernhard - Self's Deception
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa - Last Rituals
Somer, Mehmet Murat - The Prophet Murders
Suter, Martin - A Deal with the Devil
Vargas, Fred - This Night's Foul Work
Villar, Domingo - Blue-Water Eyes
So which ones will be on the shortlist? My six - based on my own reading plus Euro Crime and press reviews, are:

Gomez-Jurado's God's Spy, Hammesfahr's The Sinner, Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Meyer's Devil's Peak, Nesbo's Nemesis and Vargas' This Night's Foul Work

Anyone else care to speculate?


Anonymous said...

Right, here are mine:

Petra Hammesfahr - The Sinner
Stieg Larsson - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Arnaldur Indridason - The Draining Lake
Marek Krajewski - Death in Breslau
Camilla Lackberg - The Ice Princess/Sigurdardottir - Last Rituals (either)
Fred Vargas - This Night's Foul Work

Providing they choose the right books (!!), this year's could be a blowaway shortlist... I think!

Anonymous said...

p.s the fuentes has been pushed back until august i believe...

Anonymous said...

oo, and i'm know i'm being greedy now, but... Black Seconds should easily be there.

Anonymous said...

After the Hayfest yesterday: Sigurdardottir, Yrsa - Last Rituals would not be a surprise.

Uriah Robinson said...

I realise I have not been reading enough translated crime fiction! More books for the TBR pile.

My six:

Fred Vargas-This Night's Foul Work
Arnaldur Indridason-The Draining Lake
Marek Krajewski-Death in Breslau
Gianrico Carofiglio-Reasonable Doubts
Andrea Camilleri-The Patience of the Spider
K.O.Dahl-The Man in the Window

I have read all of the above but probably one would have made way for Nemesis-Jo Nesbo if I had the time to read that.

Roger Cornwell said...

Interesting ...
The five books on the short list are all in your long list, but beyond that I cannot say till the list is published on Tuesday evening.

An innovation this year is that we will be running a forum where you can discuss the shortlist, in the run-up to the announcement of the winner. Check out the CWA website for more details, from around 10pm Tuesday evening. Your comments will be most welcome.

Roger Cornwell
CWA webmaster.

Anonymous said...

only FIVE books on the shortlist?

Maxine Clarke said...

How nice of Roger to drop by with a comment and to let us know that they are in your long list!

I've chosen six that I have read, but I am aware that some in the list which I haven't read yet have been said to be brilliant, so I am quite happy to believe that my list does not reflect the "best" of your long list -- just the ones that I've read that I've enjoyed the most. (If I could have 7 I would include The Blood Spilt by A Larsson).
Thanks for putting this together, Karen!

Reasonable Doubts (Carofiglio)
Black Seconds (Fossum)
The Draining Lake (Indridason)
Girl with Dragon Tattoo (S Larsson)
Unspoken (Jungstedt)
The Shadow in the River (Grytten)

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Many thanks for the comments and I look forward very much to the final list tonight and the CWA forum.

Bit surprised that only 5 made it to the shortlist as my list could have been much longer. Carofiglio, Indridason and Fossum went in and out of the list.

I liked Last Rituals but found The Ice Princess a tad too slow and Death in Breslau was a bit hard work for me!

More later after the announcement :-).

Anonymous said...


just a stupid question, but did I get it right, that your long list represents the majority of translated titles that had been published in UK between June 1 2007 and May 31 2008 ?

Not many I would say.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Yes, but my focus is on European crime novels in translation so there may be more from other parts of the world that I've missed :-).

However Roger has said that the 5 shortlisted titles are on that list...

Anonymous said...

I browsed Last Rituals yesterday evening, and this turned into reading it - putting the current read to one side. I read it during the night when I couldn't sleep. Currently a quarter of the way in and it's a cracker. I hope it makes the list.

Anonymous said...

I would love to have access to a list of all the novels which were submitted for the award...

Anonymous said...

any news on the short list? supposed to be announced by now...

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Fiona - me too re list of submissions.

Anonymous - keep dropping by, the announcement is a bit later tonight :-).

Roger Cornwell said...

Here's the shortlist:

Andrea Camilleri (The Patience of the Spider)
Stieg Larsson (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Dominique Manotti (Lorraine Connection)
Martin Suter (A Deal with the Devil)
Fred Vargas (This Night's Foul Work)

More information on the this page on the CWA website. And feel free to comment in the Daggers Forum.

I'm sorry, I don't know what books were submitted, but it's a possible reason for not shortlisting that the book wasn't entered in the first place. If you're not in, you can't win!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Many thanks Roger for letting us know. Like Fiona, I'm a bit disappointed with the final choices.

Simon Clarke said...

Notwithstanding the broad
definition of crime novel for this
prize.--I cannot see that 2 of
the eligible list fall under
this category.
Henning Mankell--The Eye of the Leopard.
Klas Ostergren--Gentlemen
Further--I have just finished
Karin Fossum--Broken.
This is a challenging novel-
with serious literary pretensions-
beautifully written by the poet
that Fossum is--but it certainly does not come under the category
of crime or mystery novel.