Saturday, June 28, 2008

Choose the name of an Andy McNab villain for £10,000

The BBC reports that a bidder paid £10,000 to name the villain in Andy McNab's next novel:
The villain in author Andy McNab's next novel will be named by a charity bidder who has paid £10,000 for the privilege.

The former SAS man auctioned off the right to name the character at a gala dinner in London which raised £61,700 for the Shackleton Foundation charity.

The charity has been set up in memory of Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton to support projects with the adventurer's "pioneering spirit".

The Shackleton Foundation will provide a bursary fund "for inspirational leaders determined to make a difference in their field, in particular to the less advantaged".

McNab, who refuses to be pictured, said: "Shackleton has always been a hero of mine and I think the foundation's mission to identify similarly inspiring leaders in today's world is excellent."

The winner, whose identity is not known, has yet to provide the name for McNab's villain.

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