Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Off to CrimeFest tomorrow

I've had a busy week this week, ranging from the (relative) high of seeing Sex and the City on Monday to the low of a funeral today back home. I've not been back long and I'm shaking from lack of food or too much adrenalin but I am really looking forward to going to CrimeFest tomorrow. I'll be meeting up with some of the usual suspects - Petrona and crimeficreader - but also for the first time with Mr Crime Scraps and Declan from Crime Always Pays.

At the moment the house is strewn with clothes to take, the washing machine is on and I'm pondering which book(s) to bring.

I have scheduled an off topic post about Torchwood for Friday but that aside, Euro Crime will probably be quiet until Sunday/Monday and the new reviews will be a bit delayed and/or reduced.

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Anonymous said...

thought you might be interested in this link...

it's a synopsis of the new Adamsberg title published in france this June. I can make out the words "Adamsberg", "Londres", and "Vampires" ! Sounds brilliant to me.