Friday, June 27, 2008

European Crime Festivals - help wanted to find them

On the website I have a page for Events, which covers the specific crime festivals in the UK and literary festivals with a significant crime fiction element. I've always wanted to incorporate details of similar events held in other European countries and I've been given a nudge to knuckle down and do it. I think there are some similar events to CrimeFest and the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival in Italy, France etc.

So...if anyone has any information on crime fiction events in mainland Europe I'd much appreciate it if you'd drop me a line at karen at eurocrime dot co dot uk or you can leave a note in the comments. Thank you!

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Unknown said...


there are loads. give me a call next week (0207 539 8820) and I can point you in right direction.

I've attended a dozen or so in past decade and most are still going...

Maxim J.