Monday, May 26, 2008

Where are they now...Gay Longworth

A couple of weeks ago when I was travelling back from London after meeting up with Petrona, I happened to see a fellow passenger reading a battered copy of Dead Alone by Gay Longworth and it got me wondering whether she was still writing.

She'd written four books, most recently Dead Alone (2002) and The Unquiet Dead (2004) which were a series featuring DI Jessie Driver who is, according to the blurb from Dead Alone: "a fast-track motorbike-riding female cop with a colourful love-life, an attitude and more than a few resentful male colleagues".

My internet research turned up at least some of what she's written since 2004. Firstly she's (allegedly) ghost-written a couple of biographies: Next to You: Caron's Courage Remembered by Her Mother by Gloria Hunniford (2005) and Billie Piper's Growing Pains (2006). And secondly that she now writes women's fiction under the name Carrie Adams, having published The Godmother in 2006 and The Stepmother in 2007.

You can read more about those two books on the readthegodmother website.

Incidentally there's no mention of her past crime fiction life on that website but she does refer to it in the epilogue of The Godmother and explains how she got the idea for that book.

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