Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Titles for May

The following titles are published for the first time in May. One has its premiere in the US but the rest are UK publications. This is taken from Euro Crime's Future Releases by month page which currently goes up to 2010:
Bannister, Jo - Closer Still, #8 Brodie Farrell

Bonnot, Xavier-Marie - The First Fingerprint, #1 Police Captain Michel de Palma, Marseille

Brandreth, Gyles - Oscar Wilde and the Ring of Death (apa Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder), #2 Oscar Wilde

Brophy, Grace - A Deadly Paradise, #2 Commissario Alessandro Cenni, Umbria

Cabasson, Armand - Wolf Hunt, #2 Captain Quentin Margont, early 1800s

Campbell, Aifric - The Semantics of Murder

Connolly, John- The Reapers, #7 Charlie Parker, PI, Maine

Dahl, K O - The Man in the Window, #3 Gunnarstranda and Frolich, Oslo Police

Drake, Nick - Tutankhamun, #2 Rai Rahotep, Chief Detective, Thebes Division, Ancient Egypt 1800 BC

Esler, Gavin - A Scandalous Man

Evans, Geraldine - Death Dues, #11 Insp. Rafferty and Sgt.Llewellyn, Elmhurst, Essex

Faulks, Sebastian - Devil May Care (writing as Ian Fleming)

Ferris, Gordon - An Unquiet Heart, #2 Danny McRae, PI in post WW2 London

Fuentes, Eugenio - The Pianist's Hands, #3 Ricardo Cupido, private detective

Gash, Jonathan - The Faces in the Pool, Lovejoy

Gordon-Smith, Dolores - Mad About The Boy?, #2 Jack Haldean, 1920s

Harrison, Cora - Michaelmas Tribute, #2 Mara, Judge, Tudor Ireland

Hill, Suzette A - Bones in the Belfry, #2 Revd Francis Oughterard

Hinchcliffe, Sally - Out of a Clear Sky

Jardine, Quintin - Aftershock, #18 Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner, Edinburgh

Keating, H R F - Inspector Ghote's First Case, #25 Inspector Ghote, Bombay, India

Levison, Iain - Dog Eats Dog

Littleford, Clare - The Quarry (Crime Express Novella)

Lucarelli, Carlo - Via delle Oche, #3 Inspector De Luca, Italy in 1945

MacBride, Stuart - Flesh House, #4 DS Logan McRae, Aberdeen

Monaghan, Nicola - The Okinawa Dragon (Crime Express Novella)

Morley, Michael - Spider

Mosby, Steve - Cry for Help

Oldham, Nick - Screen of Deceit, #9 DI Christie

Parker, Michael - The Devil's Trinity

Simms, Chris - Hell's Fire, #4 Det. Jon Spicer, Manchester

Slade, Nicola - Murder Most Welcome

Somer, Mehmet Murat - The Prophet Murders,#2 Hop-Ciki-Yaya, transvestite, nightclub owner, Istanbul

Story, A M - Straws Upon the Surface, #3 Amos Cotswold, local district councillor

Taylor, Andrew - Bleeding Heart Square

Templeton, Aline - Lamb to the Slaughter, #4 Detective Inspector Marjory Fleming, Scotland

Wells, Shirley - A Darker Side, #2 Jill Kennedy, Forensic psychologist & DCI Max Trentham, Lancashire

Westbrook, Kate - The Moneypenny Diaries: Final Fling, #3 Miss Moneypenny

White, Neil - Lost Souls

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Kerrie said...

Thanks for the list Karen. There are too many though! I will never be able to keep up.