Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fictional Crime in Redditch

My current town of residence, Redditch, has been in the news a bit too frequently of late as there have been some suspicious deaths/murders, most recently this one, but it's rare to find the town mentioned in fiction. Agatha Raisin did make it to the Alex' Hospital in one of her cases but I've just discovered a whole book set here, albeit in 1826 - a long, long time before Redditch as a 'new town' was considered!

The book in question is Sara Fraser's The Resurrection Men, the second in the 'Thomas Potts' historical mystery series and is published by Severn House.

Synopsis: It is 1826, and in the town of Redditch in Worcestershire, Thomas Potts, reluctant Parish Constable, battles to keep the peace. With the notorious ‘Needle Pointers’ up in arms at the news of a cut in their rate of pay, and a mysterious criminal gang, known as the ‘Rippling Boys’, robbing, murdering and body-snatching with impunity, gentle, timid Tom has his work cut out . . .

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Do you know anything about the author of this book?