Saturday, May 31, 2008

CWA Duncan Lawrie Dagger Shortlist

The CWA/Duncan Lawrie Dagger shortlists are due to be announced next Tuesday but the Times has a sneak preview of the contenders for the main (ie the one with the biggest cash prize) Dagger. The nominees are...
The Tin Roof Blowdown by James Lee Burke
The Coroner's Lunch - Colin Cotterill
Blood From Stone - Frances Fyfield
Night Work - Steve Hamilton
What The Dead Know - Laura Lippman
A Vengeful Longing - R N Morris
So out of six, there are two women and three Americans.

Read Natasha Cooper's thoughts on each book in The Times.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I read N. Cooper's views in the Times paper edition yesterday.
The choice itself is quite interesting, but for me easy to have a favourite as I have only read one of them! (The Coroner's Lunch, which I think is very good, so I am happy to support it, which will make a lot of difference to whether it wins).
But I do think the shortlist is a little eccentric.

Anonymous said...

wait a damn minute...! where's exit music?