Monday, July 09, 2012

Salvation of a Saint - Cover Opinions

I haven't been doing the "cover opinions" posts for a while so I'm reinstating them, starting with a book that's not out until October (US) and February (UK).

It's one of the eligibles for the 2013 International Dagger: Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino translated by Alexander O Smith.

The UK cover is similar to the UK trade paperback release of The Devotion of Suspect X, whereas (to me at least) the US cover looks like an American thriller. The US cover has gone with "Edgar Award Finalist" whereas the UK's has gone with "The Japanese Stieg Larsson"(!).

But what are your thoughts on the US (LHS) and UK (RHS) covers? Which would entice you to pick the book up?

Official blurb: When a man is discovered dead by poisoning in his empty home his beautiful wife, Ayane, immediately falls under suspicion. All clues point to Ayane being the logical suspect, but how could she have committed the crime when she was hundreds of miles away?

While Tokyo police detective Kusanagi tries to unpick a seemingly unrelated sequence of events he finds himself falling for Ayane. As his judgement becomes dangerously clouded his assistant must call on an old friend for help; it will take a genius to unravel the most spectacular web of deceit they have ever faced...

SALVATION OF A SAINT is a magnificently complex and page-turning thriller starring international crime fiction's most enigmatic sleuth.This is essential reading for all fans of exceptional crime fiction.


Bernadette said...

Nothing about the US one appeals - too generic - could be anywhere (which I suspect is the point for that market). The image on the UK cover is better but the 'Japanese Stieg Larsson' is enough to turn me off - what on earth does that mean?

Mike said...

I have to say I like the US one this time more than the UK one.

Maxine Clarke said...

Well, if it is set in Japan, nothing about the US cover says "Japan". The skyline and "person walking" are generic & don't tell you anything about the book. Nice blue, though.

The UK version is, as you say, very like Suspect X in style, and immediately gives you the idea that it's about Japan and is angsty.

I could do without both blurbs, and can't say that I find either cover very enticing - certainly not original in either case.

kathy d. said...

Neither cover really appeal to me, but the British cover has a bit of intrigue about it. What is she thinking?

The "Japanese Stieg Larsson" is a real turn-off. Apparently, the publishers think that Larsson is still a great draw and they're appealing to his audience.