Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crime Fest - Authors

The UK crime fiction convention season begins tomorrow, with Crime Fest 2009, in Bristol. Weekend tickets, daily tickets and also individual tickets for the guest of honour interviews can be bought. Several of the Euro Crime review team will be there (and me).

There are 73 authors and translators attending. I have read books by 25 of them plus I am currently reading or about to start books by two more of them. I own (as yet) unread books by a further 18 of them. Which means 28 of them, I've neither read nor own.

The hyper-links take you to the author's page on the Euro Crime website which lists the bibliography with links to reviews and the author's homepage (if available).
Don Bartlett (translator of eg Jo Nesbo)
M.C. Beaton
Cara Black
Stephen Booth
Gyles Brandreth
Simon Brett
Alison Bruce
Declan Burke
Colin Campbell
Cassandra Clark
Mary Andrea Clarke
Ann Cleeves
Michael Connelly
Judith Cutler
David Stuart Davies
Ruth Downie
Marjorie Eccles
Martin Edwards
Ruth Dudley Edwards
Kate Ellis
Chris Ewan
Jane Finnis
Meg Gardiner
Dolores Gordon-Smith
Ann Granger
Peter Guttridge
Steven Hague
M.R. Hall
John Harvey
Kaye C. Hill
Suzette A. Hill
Matt Hilton
Roger Hudson
Declan Hughes
Maxim Jakubowski
Bill James
Paul Johnston
Alison Joseph
Reg Keeland (translator eg Stieg Larsson)
Janet Laurence
Adrian Magson
Edward Marston
Andrew Martin
Priscilla Masters
Keith McCarthy
Brian McGilloway
Pat McIntosh
Jenni Mills
Aly Monroe
Donna Moore
R.N. Morris
Steve Mosby
Helen Mulgray & Morna Mulgray
Margaret Murphy
Håkan Nesser
Tiina Nunnally (translator of eg Karin Fossum as Felicity David)
Andrew Pepper
Sheila Quigley
Caro Ramsay
Sarah Rayne
Linda Regan
Pauline Rowson
Ros Schwartz (translator of eg Dominique Manotti)
Claire Seeber
E.V. Seymour
Zoë Sharp
Yrsa Sigurðardóttir
Andrew Taylor
L.C. Tyler
Sue Walker
Michael Walters
Kevin Wignall
Anne Zouroudi

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Anonymous said...

Karen, I am lost in admiration. Lost. I'm going to come back from Crime fest with a mental list of new (to me) authors that I am really going to want to read. Now, I know, all I need to do is to look up this post. Thanks so much! Brilliant.