Friday, May 29, 2009

International Dagger Speculation...

The shortlists for the CWA Daggers will be announced next month. As is customary on the eurocrime blog, here are the possible candidates for the International Dagger. The criteria for this category are:
Eligible books must be crime novels by the broadest definition including thrillers, suspense novels and spy fiction as long as the book was not originally written in English and has been translated into English for UK publication between June 1 2008 and May 31 2009.
Based on my database, here are the sixty-one titles I believe to be eligible. I have included the non European books that I know about, though there may be omissions of course. (Links are to Euro Crime reviews):
Boris Akunin - The Coronation
Boris Akunin - Pelagia and the Red Rooster
Selcuk Altun - Songs My Mother Never Taught Me
Karin Alvtegen - Shadow
Niccolo Ammaniti - The Crossroads
Jakob Arjouni - Chez Max
Xavier-Marie Bonnot - The Beast of the Camargue
Emilio Calderon - The Creator's Map
Andrea Camilleri - The Paper Moon
Martin Caparros - Valfierno: The Man Who Stole the Mona Lisa
Jacques Chessex - Le Vampire de Ropraz
Philippe Claudel - Brodeck's Report
Giancarlo De Cataldo - The Father and the Foreigner
Pablo de Santis - The Paris Enigma
Hans Fallada - Alone in Berlin
Sebastian Fitzek - Therapy
Karin Fossum - Broken
Eugenio Fuentes - The Pianist's Hands
Jef Geeraerts - The Public Prosecutor
Michele Giuttari - A Death in Tuscany
Abdelilah Hamdouchi - The Final Bet
Thomas Hettche - What We Are Made Of
Paulus Hochgatterer - The Sweetness of Life
Arnaldur Indridason - Arctic Chill
Claude Izner - The Montmartre Investigation
Claude Izner - The Marais Assassin
Andrea H Japp - The Season of the Beast
Andrea H Japp - The Breath of the Rose
Mari Jungstedt - The Inner Circle (apa Unknown)
Hans-Werner Kettenbach - David's Revenge
Natsuo Kirino - Real World
Jan Kjaerstad - The Discoverer
Marek Krajewski - The End of the World in Breslau
Camilla Lackberg - The Preacher
Stieg Larsson - The Girl Who Played With Fire
Carlo Lucarelli - Via delle Oche
Henning Mankell - The Pyramid (The Wallander Stories)
Esteban Martin and Andreu Carranza - The Gaudi Key
Deon Meyer - Blood Safari
Manuel Vazquez Montalban - Tattoo
Gianluca Morozzi - Blackout
Jo Nesbo - The Redeemer
Hakan Nesser - Mind's Eye (apa The Mind's Eye)
Hakan Nesser - Woman with Birthmark
Saskia Noort - Back to the Coast
Leonardo Padura - Havana Fever
Jean-Francois Parot - The Phantom of the Rue Royale
Arturo Perez-Reverte - The Man in the Yellow Doublet
Carmen Posadas - Child's Play
Roslund-Hellstrom - The Vault
Andrei Rubanov - Do Time Get Time
Andrea Maria Schenkel - The Murder Farm
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - My Soul to Take
Teresa Solana - The Not So Perfect Crime
Mehmet Murat Somer - The Kiss Murder
Domenico Starnone - First Execution
Johan Theorin - Echoes from the Dead
Simone van der Vlugt - The Reunion
Fred Vargas - The Chalk Circle Man
Esther Verhoef - Close-Up
Tanguy Viel - Beyond Suspicion
Which 5 or 6 will make it to the shortlist? Based on the euro crime reviews above my suggestions are: Karin Alvtegen The Shadow, Niccolo Ammaniti The Crossroads, Hans Fallada Alone in Berlin, Stieg Larsson The Girl Who Played with Fire, Johan Theorin Echoes from the Dead and Fred Vargas The Chalk Circle Man.

Any other suggestions?


Reg / Steve said...

Hi Maxine, I love your shortlist!
-- Steve/Reg/McKinley

Maxine Clarke said...

That's Karen's shortlist, not mine, Reg/Steve!

It is a very strong field, and I don't disagree with your choice, Karen. Possibly A-M Schenkel will get on because she seems very popular, but I don't find her as profound as some of the ones you list here. I would not like to be the judges, actually - there are some fantastic books on your shortlist that I would find it very hard to choose between!

Peter Rozovsky said...

I won't call this a suggestion, but Carlo Lucarelli's De Luca novels, of which Via delle Oche is one, seem shockingly underrated. They are moving, evocative stories and real landmarks in historical crime fiction that ought to be mentioned and honored more than they are.
Detectives Beyond Borders
“Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”

Fiona said...

I think (or hope, I don't know):

karin alvtegen, johan theorin, phillipe claudel, marek krajewski, andrea camilleri. i think they'll probably miss vargas out.

Though we'll see!

Fiona said...

oh, and the mankell would surely not be eligible as it's short stories?