Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New addition to Enid Blyton's 'Secret' series

I have to confess my memories of this series are very vague. I remember the first one, The Secret Island but am unsure about the remaining four yet it seems unlikely that I haven't read them...

According to The Bookseller, a sixth in the series is to be published, written by Blyton fan, Trevor Bolton:
A sixth book is to be added to Enid Blyton’s Secret Series—the first book in the series to have not been written by the original author.

The Secret Series chronicles the adventures of Mike, Peggy, Nora, Jack and their friend Prince Paul. The new story The Secret Valley has been written by life-long fan, Trevor Bolton, who has never been published before.

Award Publications is to publish the new story in paperback on 1st June. The publication date will coincide with the publisher’s launch of the series in a revamped design in paperback. The series was previously only available from Award in hardback. The paperback version has been re-set and digitized and the point size has been made larger.

Bolton was 'discovered' when his manuscript of The Secret Valley was circulated around the Enid Blyton Society—of which Bolton is a member. They thought it warranted publication and forwarded it to Chorion, which holds the rights to Enid Blyton works.
Read the rest of the article, here and refresh your memory about the originals at this Enid Blyton site.

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Philip said...

I read just five pages of this book before I realised it couldn't be by Enid Blyton. I looked at the cover and it mentioned only Enid Blyton. Only on the inside page is it mentioned that it is by some one else. Not mentioning his name on the cover page is a fraud perpetrated by the publishers on readers. Enid Blyton has a wonderful way of revealing stories mainly by conversations instead of tedious description. This book is an insult to Blyton.