Monday, May 04, 2009

Win: Suffer the Children by Adam Creed

There are no geographical restrictions on entrants to this month's competition, in which you can win a copy of Suffer the Children by Adam Creed which is published on 7 May in hardback. Suffer the Children introduces London cop, DI Will Wagstaffe aka Staffe.

The details on how to win a copy can be found on the Euro Crime website.

Here are the opening paragraphs:

Monday Afternoon

Staffe raises his head as high as he can, sucks in the Underground air. He is pushed from behind and his chest rubs up against the head of a raven-haired woman as they shuffle towards the escalator. She curses in an eastern tongue and he wants to apologise, but knows it isn't warranted, nor will it accomplish anything.

Judgement is scheduled for 14.00. He tries to push into the left-hand line but there is no gap. A group of teenage malevolents jostles through against the flow, leaving a sweet pall of solvents. He holds his breath as he takes a half step on to the moving escalator, waits, then breathes deep, and pictures Judge Burns; the events of the past two days in court. His nerves tighten and Staffe tries to calm his rushing blood. He makes sure the case papers are wedged tight into the pit of his arm and doe sup the collar of his shirt. The top button presses against his Adam's apple as he swallows. He tightens his tie right up.

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