Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Reviews: Mike Ripley's crime file, crime express novellas 4 & 5, Brownley, Holt

The following reviews have been added to the review archive over on the main Euro Crime website:
New Reviews:

In Mike Ripley's latest Crime File he reviews The Maze of Cadiz by Aly Monroe, Portobello by Ruth Rendell and The Murder Stone by Louise Penny;

I review the latest in the Crime Express novella series: The Okinawa Dragon by Nicola Monaghan and The Quarry by Clare Littleford;

Michelle Peckham reviews The Sins of the Children by James Brownley a series which features "Alison Glasby, first female crime correspondent for the Sunday Herald in London"

and Maxine Clarke recommends Norwegian author Anne Holt's The Final Murder (US: What Never Happens).
Previous reviews can be found in the review archive and forthcoming titles can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Good collection of reviews. Having had a child going through primary school at the height of the Pokemon phenomenon, I can certainly attest to the criminal power of the "most desired" cards - because the cards were "banned", the teacher kept any of them discovered in the morning play period in "her cupboard" until the children went home in the afternoon. Some nasty little criminals stole some of them, can you believe.

Mike certainly has a different take on The Maze of Cadiz from Norman....and the James Brownley sounds good from Michelle's review.

Uriah Robinson said...

I will have to disagree with Mike over Maze of Cadiz. I did not like the characters and the 'nifty use of a hat pin incident' was ridiculous. Real agents don't mess around with hat pins they use guns, their bare hands, or a knife to kill.
I do agree that there is very little action in the book and the protagonist talks a lot and does things that clash with my concept of a British agent in wartime Europe. As Raymond Chandler says about his detective "He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, be a man of honor-by instinct, by inevitability......"
No hat pins!