Friday, November 21, 2008

A change to the Euro Crime website

The Euro Crime website was set up to cover British and other European crime writers. The criterion being that the author had to have been born in Britain/Europe. A few other authors slipped through the net though - either they'd been a long-time resident in the UK (eg Kate Charles) or a simple mistake (me thinking they were English when they weren't eg Michael Robotham). Several emails from website visitors asking why Donna Leon (amongst others) wasn't on the site have led me to change my mind and relax the criterion to include those authors, though not born in Europe, who have a strong association with European crime fiction, such as Leon and Elizabeth George. At the moment there are only a handful of non European authors on the site but I plan to expand it over time.

The Bibliograpies pages now have an author's country of birth, where known eg Donna Leon, and the lists of authors, by country of birth, now include America and Australia.

I have also reorganised and retitled some of the side-bar links in the hope of making it more obvious what's behind each link.


Anonymous said...

It's great Karen! I liked it before, and I like it even more now. I think the re-naming is good. Euro Crime is a fantastic site for finding out about good crime fiction - it is particularly useful that you can find reviews of so many books, and directly link to authors' sites - and the essential feature of the chronological list for series!
As I've said several times already, but will again because it is true, the quality of the books I read has gone up exponentially since I discovered Euro Crime - an invaluable guide!

Anonymous said...

Karen, thank you for the new section ! Donna Leon's body of work is set entirely in Venice. And also the style is very European. So i think she is also 'European' eventhough she was born in America

Kerrie said...

I think this project is going to become all-consuming Karen (if it isn't already) A bit like my blog which I thibnk is taking over my life. Some seriously good resources here.

Uriah Robinson said...

With the Donna Leon addition Euro Crime has become an even better resource. Not only has the quality of the books I read gone up but so has the number! We are lucky to be the beneficiaries of all the your work, thank you.