Saturday, November 22, 2008

Euro Crime & Social Networking

Ages ago Maxine (aka Petrona) suggested I join Facebook so I finally took the plunge yesterday and signed up. I'm not sure what I'm doing (nothing new there!) but here's my profile should you wish to befriend me.

Maxine has also set up a crime and mystery room over on the friendfeed site which I love. As well as automatically updating with links to the latest blog posts from the members of the room, you can add a link to a newspaper article or review or another blog and on top of that you can comment on these things - in the friendfeed room as well as/or instead of in the blog comments. I'm probably not explaining this very well so do take a look and join us. Your favourite blogs are already there :-).


Uriah Robinson said...

Facebook looks a bit complicated for some of us non computer literates, but Maxine's Friendfeed room is easy to use and ideal to check up quickly on what is going on with my favourite blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - yes the Friend Feed room is easy, convenient and fun (full of interesting gems). I have not quite found a use for Facebook yet - mainly I get lots of "friend" requests, sometimes even from people I know or once knew, but other than an ability on my blog to export posts to it, I am not very sure what to do with it.