Sunday, November 09, 2008

Holiday Reading - Crime Express

I slipped into my rucksack, the two latest Crime Express novellas from Five Leaves: The Okinawa Dragon by Nicola Monaghan and The Quarry by Clare Littleford, numbers 4 and 5 in the imprint. I've blogged about the first three novellas, (by John Harvey, Stephen Booth and Rod Duncan) here and reviewed them on the Euro Crime website, here.

Jack deals in cardboard, selling expensive and rare gaming cards to rich collectors. He makes plenty of money, travelling the world. He meets millionaire Henri, the man who has everything. Well, almost everything. Henri wants the elusive Okinawa Dragon, a one-off card given to a Japanese businessman who refuses to sell. A plan is hatched, and Jack is soon on his way to Osaka to complete Henri’s collection. There is only one way to get hold of something somebody doesn’t want to give.

A frightened phone call from her young daughter sends Jenny Carter into the darkness of Quarry Woods, seventeen years after she swore she’d never return. What she finds there triggers a journey back to a horrific event in her own childhood – an event which now threatens the present.

Bookwitch also reviews Claws by Stephen Booth and the Crime Express concept, here.

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Anonymous said...

These sound good, and they remind me that you kindly gave me the earlier three and I haven't read them yet. Will try to get on with it. I wonder if you are posting this from an internet cafe in Nice or somewhere, or if you are home? I hope it was not as wet in France as it has been (and continues to be) here.