Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Preacher - Cover Opinions

This week's selection for "cover opinions" is the US and UK (original and reissue) covers for Camilla Lackberg's The Preacher.

So what are you thoughts on the US (LHS) and UK (RHS - hardback & original paperback cover on top, paperback reissue below) covers? Which would entice you to pick the book up if you were not familiar with the books of Camilla Lackberg?

If you have read it, how well do the covers match the story?

The Preacher will published in the US on 27 April.

Read the Euro Crime review by Sunny Gill of The Preacher

The covers of the previous book, The Ice Princess, were discussed here.

Camilla Lackberg is on twitter @camillalackberg.


Anonymous said...

Karen - I'm not sure which of the UK covers is the hardback and which the paperback, but I like the one on the lower right. That book left there just gets my attention and would make me pick this novel up.

Maxine Clarke said...

I think the US hardback design is original, different and appealing. But the UK hardback cover is nice too. I am not so sure about the UK reissue cover, it is nice "per se" but it does not really convey much about the subject matter.

Elaine said...

the top right hand one is the cover I have and the one I prefer. A cliche I know but all Scandinavian detective books seem to cry out for a monochrome cover.

Dorte H said...

I read it a couple of years ago (in Swedish, I think). Just for once I vote for the American cover which hints at mystery and supernatural beliefs. I think the green and pink cover is horrible, but that may just be because I loathe pink covers ;)

Unknown said...

I like the bottom one. It's a type of book I would pick up. I think the left one looks like a love story or something...long lost love. I don't really care for the top right.

Reg / Steve said...

Did anyone notice that the umlaut has been removed from Camilla's surname on the new UK cover (lower right)? I fought for it but to no avail; it's not just decoration, it's a different letter altogether. Like saying Agatha Christy. Apparently the British book trade complained, and now several publishers, if not all, are removing diacriticals from Nordic books in translation, at least. Jo Nesbø is now Jo Nesbo, too. They're calling it 'anglicising'... Let's see if they do it to the French.

Americans, on the other hand, love these things. Rock bands use them, and a recent blog trumpeted the use of the 'awesome umlauts'.

Dorte H said...

Interesting, Reg.

No, I didn´t notice - small wonder as I call myself Hummelshoj in this part of the world ;)

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I had noticed but then I saw it was back on the amazon cover for The Gallows Bird. However I've since discovered that in the flesh, it is also missing from TGB.

kathy d. said...

I like the two covers on the right, guess those are the British covers, for different reasons.

The top one is kind of eerie, why a body of water there? The bottom cover is enticing for a book lover -- why would someone just leave a book like that? Was the person brutally interrupted while reading?

The U.S. cover makes no sense to me and is not interesting.