Friday, August 01, 2008

Titles out in August

The following titles are published for the first time in August. A couple of titles have their premiere in the US but most are UK publications. This is taken from Euro Crime's Future Releases by month page which currently goes up to 2010:
Atkinson, Kate - When Will There Be Good News?, #3 Jackson Brodie, Retired PI

Barrington, James - Timebomb, #4 Paul Richter, British Agent

Billingham, Mark - In the Dark

Bourne, Sam - The Final Reckoning

Brookmyre, Christopher - A Snowball in Hell

Carter, Maureen - Bad Press, #5 Detective Sergeant Bev Morriss, Birmingham

Cookman, Lesley - Murder by the Sea, #4 Libby Sarjeant, middle aged actress/investigator, Kent

Cordy, Michael - The Source

Cotterill, Colin - Curse of the Pogo Stick, #5 Dr Siri Paiboun, Laos

Cutler, Judith - Shadow of the Past, #2 Tobias Campion, Parson, 1810

Doherty, P C/Paul - Nightshade, #16 Hugh Corbett

Elliot, Lance - Murder Plot, #1 Dr Lance Elliot, 1975

Ellis, Kate - Seeking the Dead, #1 Detective Inspector Joe Plantagenet, Eborby

Fitzek, Sebastian - Therapy

Forbes, Elena - Our Lady of Pain, #2 DI Mark Tartaglia and his team, London suburb of Barnes

Francis, Dick - Silks (with Felix Francis)

Francome, John - Final Breath

Fuentes, Eugenio - The Pianist's Hands, #3 Ricardo Cupido, private detective

Gray, Clio - Envoy of the Black Pine, #3 Wigbert Stroop, early C19th

Hawes, James - My Little Armalite

Hendy, Paul - Who Killed Simon Peters?

James, Bill - In the Absence of Iles, #25 DCS Harpur and ACC Iles

Johnston, Paul - The Soul Collector, #2 Matt Wells

Lewis, Kevin - Fallen Angel, #1 DI Stacey Collins

Lindsay, Douglas - Lost in Juarez

Martin, Esteban & Carranza, Andreu - The Gaudi Key

Montalban, Manuel Vazquez - Tattoo, #2 Detective Pepe Carvalho, Barcelona

Pepper, Andrew - Kill-Devil And Water, #3 Pyke, Bow Street Runner/Crook, Victorian Era

Pollard, Tony - The Minutes of the Lazarus Club

Posadas, Carmen - Child's Play

Robinson, Peter - All the Colours of Darkness, #18 Insp. Alan Banks, Yorkshire

Rocha, Luis Miguel - The Last Pope

Rubanov, Andrei - Do Time Get Time

Russell, Craig - The Carnival Master, #4 Detective Jan Fabel, Hamburg

Scarrow, Alex - October Skies

Seeber, Claire - Bad Friends

Smith, Carol - Twilight Hour

Vine, Barbara The Birthday Present

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Danielle said...

So glad to see a new Barbara Vine, and there is a new Ruth Rendell coming out soon, too. I think I'll break down and get them from the UK--not sure I can wait until they're published over here.