Thursday, August 14, 2008

Barbara Vine's Birthday Present

The release date of The Birthday Present by Barbara Vine is just two weeks away in the UK (March in the US) but you can read an extract on the Penguin site to get into the mood.

Synopsis: It’s late spring of 1990 and a love affair is flourishing: between Ivor Tesham, a thirty-three year old rising star of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government, and Hebe Furnal, a stunning North London housewife stuck in a dull marriage. What excitement Hebe lacks at home, however, is amply compensated for by the well-bred and intensely attractive Tesham – an ardent womanizer and ambitious politican.

On the eve of her twenty-eighth birthday, Tesham decides to give Hebe a present to remember: something far more memorable than, say, the costly string of pearls he’s already lavished upon her. Involving a fashionable new practice known as ‘adventure sex’, a man arranges for his unsuspecting but otherwise willing girlfriend to be snatched from the street, bound and gagged, and delivered to him at a mutually agreed venue...

Set amidst an age of IRA bombings, the first Gulf War, and sleazy politics, The Birthday Present is the gripping story of a fall from grace, and of a man who carries within him all the hypocrisy, greed and self-obsession of a troubled era.

UPDATE: Read the Euro Crime review of The Birthday Present.


Martin Edwards said...

A great premise for a book. I'm looking forward to it.

Fiona said...

i'm very sad to say i was rather disappointed by this one... should have a review to you soon