Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael Gregorio at the ICI

The following event featuring Michael Gregorio is on 11 September at 6.30pm at the Italian Cultural Institute (London) and is free, but booking ahead is required:
The ICI presents the international bestsellers Critique of Criminal Reason and Days of Atonement (Faber & Faber), a series of historical mystery novels set in 19th century Prussia where the philosopher Immanuel Kant plays a substantial role.

Maxim Jakubowski, writer, journalist and expert of noir fiction, makes a welcome return to the ICI to introduce Daniela De Gregorio and Michael Jacob, the two halves of the author Michael Gregorio.

The authors will illustrate the challenge of writing as a couple, especially when one is a fiery Italian and the other a diehard Englishman.

Euro Crime reviewer Norman Price said of Days of Atonement: "When you are able to read a 444 page book in only a couple of days it is usually a sign of an engrossing and enjoyable read, and this is the case with DAYS OF ATONEMENT. This novel is all about immersing the reader in the historical period, and keeping you guessing till the end with its many red herrings."

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