Friday, August 15, 2008

An Infinite Series?

Ann Purser's cozy-ish Lois Meade series has already been through the days of the week ie Murder on Monday, Terror on Tuesday, Weeping on Wednesday, Theft on Thursday, Fear on Friday, Secrets on Saturday and Sorrow on Sunday and now her adventures continue in Warning at One which will be out next month in the UK and November in the US. It's my impression, which may be horribly wrong, that this series is more popular in the US than at home in the UK.

Synopsis: Lois Meade is back...The tenants in Lois' investment property, a terraced house in Tresham, have come up and left because of the old man next door's pet rooster, an early riser with a very piercing voice. Lois despairs of finding new tenants, and is relieved when her elder son Douglas gets a new job in Tresham and asks to rent the property on Gordon Street.But peculiar things are happening on Gordon Street: the local grocery store was recently robbed, and odd comings and goings are happening in the home of Mrs Blairgowrie, the elderly woman who claims to be blind. When the old man and pet rooster are found dead under mysterious circumstances, Lois' son seems to be inexplicably tied up with the events and it takes all of Lois' investigative skills to ferret out the truth...

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