Friday, August 22, 2008

Secret becomes Memory

Just another warning about a title change. Philippe Grimbert's Secret (UK) was published as Memory in the US. The film of the book is called Un Secret and will be available on R2 DVD on 6th October.

Synopsis (of the book): Based on the author's own family history and already a colossal best-seller in Europe, UK readers are now being let in on the story of a family haunted by the secrets of their past: an illicit love affair, a lost child, and a devastating betrayal dating back to the Second World War. "The day after I turned fifteen, I finally discovered what I'd always known..." Growing up in post-war Paris the sickly only child of glamorous, athletic parents, the narrator invents for himself a make-believe brother - older, stronger, and more brilliant than he can ever be. It is only when the boy begins talking to an old family friend that he comes to realise that his imaginary sibling had a real predecessor: a half-brother whose death in the concentration camps is part of a buried family secret that he was intended never to unearth.

The official film website is here.

Watch the sub-titled trailer below:

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