Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Publishing Deals

From Publishers Lunch:
Leif GW Persson's The Fall of the Welfare State Trilogy: BETWEEN SUMMER'S LONGING AND WINTER'S COLD, ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER LIFE and FALLING FREELY, AS IF IN A DREAM, telling what could very well be the truth about the biggest unsolved crime in modern European history.
I haven't found anything about this (Swedish) author written in English yet so I shall have to do more research!

also from PL:
Film rights to P.B. Kerr's CHILDREN OF THE LAMP series, to DreamWorks, with Nina Jacobson producing
P B Kerr is probably better know to crime readers as Philip Kerr, author of the Bernie Gunther series. (In the UK, Quercus are publishing the latest in that series, One from the Other in July. It came out last September in the US.)

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