Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Reviews & Competition reminder

Another seven days have flown by, so here are this week's:

Latest Reviews:

Maxine Clarke calls Seth Garner's The Blood Partnership a good escapist read, if you don't think too hard about the details and Terry Halligan says that Gerald Seymour's latest, The Walking Dead, is another enjoyable if slightly overlong offering.

In response to my recent plea for more reviewers, here are the first reviews from three of the people who contacted me:

Norman Price reviews Library of the Soul by Simon Buck a thriller revolving around the Vatican, and writes that it's a "very welcome "Da Vinci Code" antidote, but there are a few caveats; Fiona Walker takes on the second book from Asa Larsson, The Blood Spilt, but finds she can't get involved with the characters but says that Larsson is brave to begin the book so similarly to her first, Sun Storm/The Savage Altar and Declan Burke reviews Bishops Pawn by K T McCaffrey concluding that it is "a superb addition to the canon of Irish crime fiction".

June's competitions:

Win one of five signed copies of 'The Chemistry of Death' by Simon Beckett (UK & Europe only)

Win one of six copies of 'The House of Shadows' by The Medieval Murderers

Win one of five copies of 'How to Kill' by Kris Hollington (non-fiction)

Win one of three copies of the R2 DVD of Romanzo Criminale (UK & Ireland residents only)

Win one of five copies of the R1 DVD of Missing (US residents only)

(geographical restrictions are in brackets)

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