Sunday, June 10, 2007

Words Without Borders - new edition

This month Words Without Borders is concentrating on Scandinavian authors. From the newsletter:
Chill out with our Midsummer festival of literature from Scandinavia. From Norway, Johan Harstad's projectionist takes a cinematic ambulance ride, Levi Henriksen strands a sailor landlocked by the charms of an octet of sisters, and Per Petterson goes out to steal horses and comes back robbed of illusions. Matti Joensuu creeps into the mind (and more) of a Finnish serial killer. Finland-Swedish writer Kjell Westo flags a soccer referee. Sweden's Willy Kyrklund presents a case of psychiatric transference, and Jonas Karlsson's raffle risks a daughter's loyalty. Denmark's Helle Helle packs the emotional baggage of a cross-country move. And Sweden's great Tomas Transtromer joins his countrymen Gunnar Harding, Hakan Sandell, and Harry Martinson and Norway's Catherine Grondahl around a poetic Maypole. See you at the Solstice.
Crime-wise only the short story from Matti Joensuu is posted but:
One final note: as a magazine that prides itself on old-fashioned editing values, we're taking a brave new leap into the web world―we will now be rolling out pieces throughout the week rather than all in a monthly lump. Come back early and often to catch new stories as they appear.
You can scroll through a whole list of European short stories and extracts here.

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