Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free Shipping (P & P) at The Book Depository

I first heard of this firm through dovegreyreader a while ago and I've heard many words of praise since. The Book Depository offers free delivery anywhere which is particularly beneficial for those living in eg Australia and America where the shipping can equal the cost of the books.

It's also an informative site with news and articles. Publisher of the week is Arcadia whose list includes Dominique Manotti, Leif Davidsen, Jan Kjaerstad and the new book from Joan Smith.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind comments -- so glad you like The Book Depository website.

Warmest regards


Anonymous said...

I can't say enough good things about The Book Depository. Living in the States (Chicago), I was thrilled to find a company shipping UK editions worldwide for free. All my books have arrived quickly via Air Priority, and in excellent condition (TBD uses sturdy cardboard boxes for shipping). Unabashedly Recommended!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Chicago too and would like to add my words of praise for The Book Depository! No postage and handling translates into being able to purchase more actual books by favorite UK authors, and even better, I can now read them before North American publication date. Amazingly fast service and sturdy (perfect) packaging. I highly recommend this seller.