Saturday, June 09, 2007

Awards page updated on Euro Crime

I've added the nominations for the main Dagger awards - Dagger, International, Ian Fleming Steel and Debut to the awards page.

I've also pulled together a list off the Euro Crime database of titles published in the relevant time period which could be considered for the International Dagger. These are just European titles so there will be more from the rest of the world but scanning the list I am surprised that Indridason didn't make it on the shortlist with 'Voices' as Euro Crime reviewer Maxine Clarke says that 'Voices' "is even better than the first two" and of course his previous book, 'Silence of the Grave', was the last translated title to win the Gold Dagger. (And seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back as soon after that the International Dagger was born).

You can peruse my unofficial list here and see if you think there's anything else that should have been on the shortlist.

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Peter Rozovsky said...

I don't know what should have or should not have been on the lists; perhaps I'll be able to judge better in a few years. But the inclusion of The Attack on the International Dagger short list is interesting, I think.

Yasmina Khadra has written a series of novels featuring Inspector Brahim Llob of the Algiers police department, but this is not one of them. Rather, it is one of his novels that examine the effects of extremism and violence throughout the Islamic world, in this case the Palestinian territories and Israel.

I was surprised, pleased and interested to see that the CWA judges thought of it as a crime novel.
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