Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Swedish crime novel to be added to the TBR

I've added another Swedish author to my database - Elisabet Peterzen. It appears that only one of her crime novels has been translated into English, called 'The Last Draw'. It was first translated and published by Seal Press in 1989, then Intrigue Press reissued it under their WorldKrime selection in 2001. There's little information in English about her and it may be that she hasn't write any other crime novels...

Synopsis from amazon:
The Last Draw is a provocative Swedish mystery that tackles the issue of misogyny and its far-reaching effects in a stunning new way.

Husband-and-wife journalist team, Erik and Katrin Skafte, are in hot pursuit of killer who is systematically murdering a string of people in the Stockholm area. The victims seem completely unrelated-an Arab immigrant, a Socialist member of Parliament, a well-known playwright, a computer salesman, a stock boy, a psychologist, a noted TV producer. Unrelated but for one fact: they are all men.

With the police coming up empty-handed, Erik and Katrin conduct their own investigation hoping for a journalistic scoop. The pieces slowly drop into place, until a surprise twist leads them to an unsettling conclusion.
It's only available second-hand but prices start at 1 cent on and £1 on

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Anonymous said...

This sounds very good, right up my street. Thanks for the tip.