Friday, March 28, 2014

Next on Inspector De Luca: Carte Blanche

The second episode of Inspector De Luca is based on the first book in Carlo Lucarelli's De Luca trilogy, Carte Blanche, and is being shown on 29 March at 9pm on BBC Four:
In April 1945, having inadvertently been credited with 'saving Il Duce's life', De Luca becomes a reluctant hero and is promoted to a high-profile job in Bologna. He heads a murder investigation which will lead him to probe the private lives of the rich and powerful during the frantic final days of the fascist regime. The powers-that-be grant him carte blanche, just as long as he arrests the 'right' suspect.

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Anonymous said...

For anyone in the States, these dvds are available from the incredible MHZ Networks.

Also, for anyone living in New York City, the library system has them.

Now I can finally see them, and figure out how a police officer can work under a fascist regime, yet be a decent person? This question has plagued me since I first began reading about this book series on crime fiction blogs.

It is a conundrum. I hope to see if this is possible -- in the world of fiction anyway.