Wednesday, March 26, 2014

TV News: Grantchester (based on James Runcie's novel)

ITV released a press release yesterday about a new six-part series, Grantchester based on Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death, the first in the Sidney Chambers series by James Runcie.

“As a priest, isn’t everything our business?  There’s no part of the human heart which is not our responsibility” – Sidney Chambers
ITV have today confirmed James Norton (Death Comes to Pemberley, Rush) will play the role of Sidney Chambers in new six-part drama Grantchester produced by Lovely Day. 
Robson Green (Reckless, Wire In The Blood) will join him as plain speaking, over-worked Police Inspector, Geordie Keating.  
Set in 1953 in the beautiful county of Cambridgeshire, Sidney’s unlikely partnership with gruff, down to earth Geordie is central to Grantchester.  Geordie’s methodical approach to policing complements Sidney’s more intuitive techniques of coaxing information from witnesses and suspects.  
They are partners in crime and forge a true friendship as each offers a different insight into the crimes they begin to unravel.
Set against the backdrop of the real hamlet of Grantchester, the drama focuses upon the life of Sidney Chambers, a charismatic, charming clergyman who turns investigative vicar when one of his parishioners dies in suspicious circumstances.     

A tall and handsome man with a love of warm beer and hot jazz, Sidney is self-effacing, great company and a true romantic.  He conscientiously undertakes his parish duties at the church of St Andrew and St Mary’s, and has the ear of his congregation who respect his unique moral insights and dry humour.  Sidney thinks the best of people, but intuitively asks all the right questions which often results in an epiphany!  
Troubled by nightmares and recurring flashbacks to the time he served in the Scot’s Guards, Sidney is the moral compass of the drama with a desire to put right the wrongs of the past  – “we cannot erase our pasts however hard we try.  Instead we must carry them with us into the future.”
Read the whole press release here.

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