Sunday, March 16, 2014

TV News: Inspector De Luca on BBC Four

Inspector De Luca
, based on the trilogy (Carte Blanche, The Damned Season and Via Delle Oche) by Carlo Lucarelli begins next Saturday, 22 March, at 9pm on BBC Four.

The first of the four episodes is Unauthorised Investigation which is based on a non- De Luca novel called Indagine non Autorizzata, with the following three episodes based on the De Luca books:
At the seaside resort of Riccione in 1938 the body of a young prostitute is found on a beach, not far from Mussolini's holiday residence. The local chief of police, terrified that the news may become public, attempts to draw the matter to a swift close by charging the woman's pimp with her murder, and earns praise from Il Duce in the process.

But Inspector De Luca, unconvinced that the case has been solved, continues to secretly investigate on his own. Set against the backdrop of sophisticated hotels and exclusive beach resorts in what was once considered to be the 'summer capital' of fascism, De Luca's investigation soon starts to involve aspiring politicians, high-ranking state functionaries, seductive countesses, anti-fascist journalists and some of Mussolini's own bodyguards.


Unknown said...

Looking forward to this.

Janet Rudolph said...

Hope we get this in the U.S. Maybe on Mhz?

Anonymous said...

I certainly can't get this in the States, unless MHZ is showing it.

What books are these episodes based on, do you know?

I'm trying to figure out how a "decent" cop can function under a fascist regime. This is a moral enigma to me. Does he ignore deportations and discrimination against Jews and Roma, and repression against political dissidents and partisans?

I'd like to see these episodes; maybe MHZ will show them.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Hi Kathy, the first episode is based on a Lucarelli book which has not been translated into English and doesn't feature De Luca (Indagine non Autorizzata). However the next 3 episodes are I believe based on the 3 De Luca books - which are available in English thanks to Europa Editions - Carte Blanche, The Damned Season and Via Delle Oche. I have read all 3 and reviewed 2 of them ( This series should be good!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Looks like they are available on DVD in the US: