Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Favourite Discoveries 2012 (2)

Today's instalment of favourite discoveries of 2012 comes from Norman Price who blogs and reviews at Crime Scraps as well as at Euro Crime. He chooses a Scandinavian author whose work I've enjoyed more with each book.

Norman Price's Favourite Discovery of 2012

My discovery of 2012 was the author Anne Holt, who with her book from way back in 1993, The Blind Goddess, translated by Tom Geddes, proved once again that it is characters that make crime fiction. Plot is how those characters perform, but it seems secondary in a successful series such as the Van Veeteren, Montalbano or Brunetti books.

With lawyer Karen Borg, police lawyer Hakan Sand, and detective Hanne Wilhelmsen the author brought together three interesting protagonists and I hope the second book in the series Blessed Are Those Who Thirst is as good. We have waited a long time for this series to be translated but The Blind Goddess was well worth the wait.

Read Norman's full review of The Blind Goddess over at Crime Scraps.

The Euro Crime review (by Maxine) of The Blind Goddess is here plus Anne Holt's English language bibliography (with reviews)


Marce said...

Anne Holt is on my list to try, sounds like a great discovery.

Amanda Gillies said...

That looks rather good!

Amanda Gillies said...

That looks rather good!

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent book, quite above the mediocre crime fiction often dished out.