Friday, November 09, 2012

TV News: Falcón starts next week

Sky Atlantic have snapped up Falcón, a four-part series based on the first two of Robert Wilson's Seville-based, Detective Javier Falcon books.

The series begins at 10pm on Thursday, 15 November and stars Marton Csokas [from The Debt] as Falcón, Emilia Fox as his wife Ines. Guest stars include Bernard Hill and Robert Lindsay.

From Sky Atlantic:
The first story to be adapted is The Blind Man of Seville, which follows Falcón‘s investigation into a brutal killing which stirs long forgotten memories. As Falcón investigates the crime, and finds himself drawn to the widow of the victim, he discovers the secret truth about his artist father’s violent history in Tangier and the Spanish Civil War.

The second story to be adapted is The Silent and the Damned, in which a double suicide takes Falcón to an exclusive area of Seville where wealthy neighbours keep their secrets well hidden and there’s more in the freezer than just food.


Maxine Clarke said...

Apparently the man who plays Falcon was Cate Blanchett's (Galadriel's) elvish husband in Lord of the Rings --- in which he had long blond hair.

prof_on_sabbatical said...

Maybe it's time for me to get Sky?

Lauren said...

Let's hope it ends up on DVD soon, because I love the Falcon novels and have no way to see this at all. Hmph.

(Martin Csokas is a Kiwi, and I grew up in Oz seeing him in a lot of everyday programmes, so it's rather odd to see him make it big internationally!)