Thursday, November 22, 2012

Radio News: Crime Writers on Front Row

Three recent programmes on Radio 4's Front Row presented by Foreign Bodies' Mark Lawson, have segments related to crime-fiction:

Last night's episode (Wed 21):
Agatha Christie's classic murder mystery play The Mousetrap has now been continuously in performance in London for 60 years, and the first ever touring production of the show is currently on a 60 date tour. Front Row sent three crime writers - Frances Fyfield, Mark Billingham and Suzette A Hill - to see The Mousetrap at three different locations. All three join Mark to debate whether the production has aged well.
and Monday's (19th):
Crime writer Denise Mina discusses how she has worked on a graphic novel version of Stieg Larsson's best seller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and plans to adapt all three volumes of the Millennium Trilogy - each in two parts.
and last Wednesday's (14th):
The Heresy of Dr Dee is the latest in a series of novels about the Tudor astrologer and magician Dr John Dee by writer Phil Rickman. The novel explores the mysterious death of Amy Dudley, wife of Elizabeth I's favourite Lord Robert Dudley. Phil Rickman explains his fascination with Dee and why self-publishing is a temptation he's keen to resist.
[The links are to Euro Crime bibliographies and reviews.]

You can download the podcasts or listen again here.

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