Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Foreign Bodies - the Bibliographies (week 2)

I've now listened to episodes 6 to 10 of the 15 daily episodes of Radio 4's European Crime Fiction (Foreign Bodies) programme presented by Mark Lawson. Most of the episodes have interviews with or references to other authors and I've put their names and a link to their bibliography on Euro Crime:
6. England: PD James, Ruth Rendell [also mentioned: Dorothy L Sayers]

7. Italy: Leonardo Sciascia [Interviewed: Andrea Camilleri, Gianrico Carofiglio]

8. Spain: Manuel Vazquez Montalban [Interviewed: Antonio Hill and Jason Webster [also mentioned re Northern Ireland: Stuart Neville]

9. England: Lynda La Plante [Interviewed: Val McDermid, Ian Rankin, Saskia Noort (briefly), Henning Mankell]

10. Italy: Andrea Camilleri [Mentioned and/or influenced by: Manuel Vazquez Montalban, Georges Simenon, Ian Rankin, Leonardo Sciascia] [Not mentioned but fitting in with the apolitical policeman requirement mentioned near the end of the podcast: the Inspector De Luca series by Carlo Lucarelli]
The bibliographical links for the first five episodes are here.

The podcasts/programmes can be listened to for another few weeks at Radio 4's Foreign Bodies website.

Many more bibliographies (by nationality) can be found via the Euro Crime Books page.

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Anonymous said...

I've been listening to this series, am caught up through Nov. 6.

I could just sit and drink tea and listen to these episodes for hours; they're so enjoyable. And hearing authors speak about their own books and other writers' books is a delight.