Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Also Published As...

After yesterday's post which announced the retitling of Arne Dahl's Misterioso (a title suitable for everywhere else it seems from the covers on his website) as The Blinded Man, I thought I'd have a look at what else has been retitled in the last couple of years or so. Usually the UK title is first with the US title in brackets, but not always.

Published in 2010, 2011 and 2012 (so far)
Jussi Adler-Olsen - Mercy (apa The Keeper of Lost Causes) 2011
Sam Barone - Quest for Honour (apa Conflict of Empires) 2010
Quentin Bates - Frozen Out (apa Frozen Assets) 2011
M C Beaton - Death of a Chimney Sweep (apa Death of a Sweep) 2011
Mark Billingham - Good as Dead (apa The Demands) 2011
Gyles Brandreth - Oscar Wilde and the Nest of Vipers (apa Oscar Wilde and the Vampire Murders) 2010
Howard Cunnell - The Sea on Fire (apa Marine Boy) 2012
Arne Dahl - Misterioso (apa The Blinded Man) 2011
Ruth/R S Downie - Ruso and the River of Darkness (apa Caveat Emptor) 2010
Jeremy Duns - Free Country (apa Song of Treason) 2010 (both UK titles)
Sam Eastland - The Red Coffin (apa Shadow Pass) 2011
Ariana Franklin - A Murderous Procession (apa The Assassin's Prayer (UK)) 2010
Nicci French - Complicit (apa The Other Side of the Door) 2010
Sophie Hannah - Lasting Damage (apa The Other Woman's House) 2011
Diane Janes - Why Don't You Come for Me? (apa Why Didn't You Come For Me?) 2011
Mons Kallentoft - Midwinter Sacrifice (apa Midwinter Blood) 2011
Erin Kelly -The Sick Rose (apa The Dark Rose) 2011
Christobel Kent - A Fine and Private Place (apa Murder in Tuscany) 2010
Tom Knox - Bible of the Dead (apa The Lost Goddess) 2011
Camilla Lackberg - The Gallows Bird (apa The Stranger) 2011 (both UK titles)
Simon Lelic - Rupture (apa A Thousand Cuts) 2010
Liza Marklund - Last Will (apa Nobel's Last Will (UK)) 2012
Mark Mills - House of the Hanged (apa House of the Hunted) 2011
Graham Moore - The Sherlockian (apa The Holmes Affair) 2010
Anne Perry - Betrayal at Lisson Grove (apa Treason at Lisson Grove) 2010
William Ryan The Bloody Meadow (apa The Darkening Field) 2011
Lynn Shepherd - Tom-All-Alone's (apa The Solitary House) 2012
Jeffrey Siger - Prey on Patmos (apa An Aegean Prophecy (UK)) 2011
Frank Tallis - Deadly Communion (apa Vienna Twilight) 2010
Felicity Young A Dissection of Murder (apa The Anatomy of Death) 2012
Juli Zeh - Dark Matter (apa In Free Fall) 2010
Sometimes the changes are minor, and you wonder why bother, and other times the title's very different.


Maxine Clarke said...

Plus Karin A's Shame/Sacrifice (both UK).

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

That was first published in 2006 so missed the cut for this list though of course the new edition is 2011/12?

I may do a whole list and put it as a reference post.