Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Favourite Discoveries 2011 (9)

Today's instalment of favourite discoveries of 2011 comes from Sarah Hilary who has chosen a French crime tv series.

Sarah Hilary's Favourite Discovery of 2011

My new discovery (new to me) was Spiral, the French TV series with the best hero/heroine combination I've seen on television and, of course, Paris. A great hard-edged contrast to my favourite euro crime author of the moment, Fred Vargas.

There have been 3 series of Spiral shown on BBC4 and they can be bought on R2 DVD as individual box sets or as a combination of series 1 & 2 or series 1-3; at an average of £8 per series they are an absolute steal.

Fred Vargas's books (in English translation) are listed and reviewed here.

You can read Sarah's Euro Crime reviews here (by searching for her name).

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Maxine Clarke said...

I agree Spiral is great but it has been a gently downwards spiral since the first series, I think. The most recent (4th) series was pretty mechanical I thought, one could not imagine the Laure of series 1 behaving as she did in series 4 re falling for that smarmy guy in the other squad.