Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ps to Translated Delights in 2011

The other day I posted a few highlights of 2011 in terms of translated crime. The Hodder & Stoughton catalogue arrived today and we have another Italian author to add to the list.

Marco Vichi's first Inspector Bordelli book, called Inspector Bordelli, will be published in June 2011. According to the promotional material: "Inspector Bordelli is Andrea Camilleri's favourite detective after his own Montalbano" and equally good news is that Camilleri's translator, Stephen Sartarelli is translating Inspector Bordelli.

No cover image yet, but here's the blurb:
Florence, summer 1963. Everyone has left town for the holidays, and the city is deserted, hot and full of mosquitoes. Inspector Bordelli is tossing and turning in bed when a telephone call informs him of a mysterious death: a wealthy Signora has been found dead in her villa. Next to the bed lies a glass with traces of her asthma medicine, but the coroner explains a sudden asthma attack is unlikely to have been the cause of death. Bordelli sets to work. Each suspect has a solid alibi, but there is something that doesn't quite add up . . .

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Maxine Clarke said...

That sounds great, and I do like Florence so nice to be able to read a detective series by an Italian set here (from memory, Magdalen Nabb's were there, but my memory is notoriously bad). However, I hope this does not put me off Florence as various recent books have made me very wary of Bologna! (The Girl with the Crystal Eyes and a couple of those Carlo Lucarelli novels).