Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OT: Foxy Speaks

To encourage our aged cat Nimes (19 1/4) (shown on the left in the video below) to keep eating, we cook him fresh chicken from time to time. His faculties are not what they were and he often can't smell food so this does the trick. Foxy has no such problems. The only food he dislikes is the supermeat ones as he can't wolf it down as quick, as it gets stuck on his fangs. Yesterday I cooked some chicken up and teased Foxy with it to get this video. He was a bit restrained (camera-shy?) but you get the idea. Do turn the volume up, and do watch Foxy's paws!


Anonymous said...

Karen - Thanks for sharing this; it's terrific!! I just love how articulate Foxy is :-).

kathy d. said...

Foxy sure does know what he wants.
Adorable. A favorite video star.