Thursday, October 07, 2010

Trailer - Anne Holt on 1222

The 24 September edition of The Bookseller has an interview with Anne Holt, the Norwegian author of the Vik-Stubo series. A series I became increasingly fond of as the books progressed. In the last book (available in English), Death in Oslo, Vik and Stubo were joined by Holt's other series character, Hanne Wilhelmsen.

Holt's next book (in English), 1222, published by Corvus is a pure Hanne book and is the eighth in the series but Corvus have an ambitious plan to release the seven earlier books next year - the first time they'll be available in English - along with a re-release of the three Vik-Stubo books.

1222 is set in the real place of Finse and is a homage to an Agatha Christie style locked room mystery and will be published in December.

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kathy d. said...

1222 sounds fascinating. Can't wait for it over here across the Atlantic.

I love this trailer and how Anne Holt set up the story, in such an enticing way.