Saturday, October 30, 2010

OT: It's Cat-urday (inseparable duo)

Toffee and Nimes always seem to end up sharing the same space these days. I'm not sure if it shows a "fondness" for each other's company or that they are both after the same (best) spot. Plus Nimes just sits where he likes irrespective of what's already there:

What you doing 'ere?

Never mind, zzzz


Maxine Clarke said...

If I know cats, it is likely that they are both after the same spot. However, by now they may have realised that togetherness leads to photo opps!

kathy d. said...

So cute.

An idea: Nimes may be after a warm spot, especially since he's in his "senior" years. So, what could be warmer than cuddling up to another cat?

They are heat generators, after all. What's warmer on a cold winter's night than a cat curled up next to one's legs?