Friday, May 14, 2010

Transatlantic Title Change Alert

It's just come to my attention that Sophie Hannah's The Other Half Lives (at title which I always think of and have to stop pronouncing in chemistry terms) is to be published in the US in June as the more mundane, The Dead Lie Down:

US synopsis:

Ruth Bussey once did something she regrets, and her punishment nearly destroyed her. Now Ruth is rebuilding her life and has found a love she doesn’t believe she deserves. Aidan Seed is also troubled by a past he can’t bear to talk about, until one day when he decides he must confide in Ruth. He tells her that, years ago, he killed a woman named Mary Trelease.

Ruth is confused. She knows first-hand that Mary Trelease is very much alive and takes her concern to Sgt. Charlotte “Charlie” Zailer of the Spilling Police. With her boyfriend, DC Simon Waterhouse, she decides to look into the matter, compelled by Ruth’s fear that something terrible may be about to happen. What she discovers propels her through London’s art scene, and the lives of five very odd people, to the unsettling secrets that bind them all.

This is not the first time this has happened with Sophie Hannah's books as, The Point of Rescue (UK) became The Wrong Mother (US).


Uriah Robinson said...

I only just discovered Sophie Hannah's father is Norman Geras of Normblog.

Becky LeJeune said...

Baffles me as to why they feel the need to change the titles for us in the States. But at least we're getting her books here.