Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coming Soon from Simon & Schuster (UK)

I've received the latest catalogue from Simon & Schuster (July - December 2010). I'll be adding the following to the forthcoming releases page (if they're not already there):

Michael Jecks - The Oath (Knights Templar series)
Lynda La Plante - Blind Fury (Anna Travis)


N J Cooper - Lifeblood (paperback original, #2 Karen Taylor)
The Medieval Murderers - The Sacred Stone
Ruth Newman - The Company of Shadows
Kevin Power - Bad Day in Blackrock (paperback)


Neil Cross - Captured (paperback)
Jeremy Duns - Free Country (sequel to Free Agent)
Sarah Rayne - House of the Lost (paperback) (with a quote from the Euro Crime review of Ghost Song in the catalogue!)
Bob Shepherd - The Infidel (SAS-type thriller)


Michael Dobbs - The Reluctant Hero (paperback)
Bruno Hare - The Lost Kings (debut, Rider Haggard-esque adventure)
Bernard Knight - A Plague of Heretics (paperback)


Terence Strong - Dragonplague (paperback)

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Anonymous said...

Karen - These look interesting! Thanks for sharing.