Monday, May 24, 2010

CrimeFest Quiz Prize

When the team I happened to be on won the 2010 CrimeFest quiz, the prize came in the form of a large cardboard box full of books, audio books and Lewis DVDs, from which we helped ourselves. Here's what I took:

The James Patterson audio book is unabridged and will fit nicely into my teenage fiction interest. I don't normally listen to abridged books but the Kate Atkinson one is read by Jason Isaacs...

(Thinking it about it now, I have a feeling the Lee Child audio book was in my book bag...and not a prize.)

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Bernadette said...

Nice haul indeed but you guys obviously worked hard to win and deserve your spoils. Is it allowed in crime fiction circles to admit to a preference for Lewis over Morse as far as viewing goes? for some reason I always found Morse a tad depressing whereas Lewis has an amusing thread due to the teasing between Lewis and Hathaway.