Friday, May 21, 2010

International Dagger 2010 - Shortlist

Finally, the suspense is over. At today's Crime Fest, the shortlist for the 2010 CWA International Dagger Award was announced:
Tonino Benacquista - Badfellas
Andrea Camilleri - August Heat
Arnaldur Indridason - Hypothermia
Stieg Larsson - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest
Deon Meyer - Thirteen Hours
Johan Theorin - The Darkest Room

The shortlists for the Gold Dagger for Non-Fiction, Dagger in the Library, Short Story and Debut Daggers were also announced. Details are on the CWA website.

Marcel Belins gives his winner's prediction in The Times


Maxine Clarke said...

Thanks, Karen. Good list. I only got two of the six - but interestingly, the two of my choices that are on the shortlist are the two I thought should be the winners (Hypothermia and The Darkest Room).

Still, an excellent shortlist, several of which are not exactly conventional crime fiction so anyone who reads them all is in for a great experience, and a varied one. (Plus geographically wide ranging, with France, Italy, Iceland, South Africa and 2 Sweden).

Amy said...

Just great. Now my wish-list is further enlarged. I have two of the titles but of course, want them all. It's an OCD thing. thanks for posting this!

kathy d. said...

My question is this: Since I live across the ocean and European books take a decade to get here, how is the Book Depository to order from?

It's intriguing that this bookazine does not charge for shipping to anywhere in the world and the prices seem okay.

I've posted questions about this at a few blogs and some bloggers give it a "yes."

It means buying books with a credit card online and trusting them to be honorable and also ship the books within a reasonable amount of time.

I just cannot wait until September for "Hypothermia" (Amazon's date of arrival) or for the library to get it. So I may have to take a risk on this and some books suggested at Petrona, which seem way too enticing to wait for.

Any opinions on this?