Monday, May 24, 2010

International Dagger Speculation (2010) - the polls

I have now set up two polls, to close the day before the announcement of the winner of the International Dagger 2010 on 23 July at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival.

The first poll is for:

The book you want to win.

The second poll is for:

The book you think will win.

The polls can be found on the RHS of the blog. We'll see how much correlation there is - and you can see the results of last year's polls here.


Bernadette said...

I'm going to endeavour to read them all before July - I have to do that to see if you've done a good job as judge is picking the shortlist :)

Tripledub said...

I love Camilleri, but can't see him winning, Larsson will be too obvious a choice, so guess it will be Theorin

kathy d. said...

What about Indridason? His books are wonderful, so well-written. People rave about his books and "Hypothermia" has gotten many rave reviews and comments all over the blogosphere.

Lynne from 4MA said...

It's definitely a strong lineup and I'd love to see just about any of them get more recognition. Have the feeling Larsson will win because the obvious choice often does get it.