Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trailer - The Moses Expedition

I rather enjoyed listening to God's Spy by Juan Gomez-Jurado last year - the action takes place during the election of the next Pope following Jean-Paul II's death. The 'hero' is Father Fowler, a military trained priest. He returns in Contract With God which came out last August in the UK and which will be published as The Moses Expedition in the US this August.

Here is the trailer for The Moses Expedition:


Bernadette said...

Oh thanks Karen - I liked God's Spy too so I will check this one out

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

Karen it seems to me that Juan Gomez Jurado is better known in the UK than in Spain.
In any case thanks for your always interesting news.
I will have a look at Jurados's books in Spanish and I would let you now my impressions.
As you probably know I did like Eugenio Fuentes' books very much.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

I wish this one was out on audio, but I think it's too soon.

Jose - I didn't enjoy Fuentes's Close Quarters that much. I hope you like God's Spy etc. From his website I thought that Jurado was very well known in Spain. I look forward to your thoughts.