Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Affairs of State

I'm currently reading Affairs of State by Dominique Manotti, tr. Amanda Hopkinson and Ros Schwartz, which came out last November.


The author of the award-winning Lorraine Connection returns with yet another riveting tale of intrigue and corruption. A call-girl whose black book lists her elite international clients is found murdered, a mysterious plane bound for Iran disappears over Turkey - and the president's closest advisor, Bonard, is manipulating the system with consummate ease. It's up to rookie advisor Noria Ghozali to untangle the threads which bind these events together - and to combat the racism which repeatedly stalls her efforts.

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Maxine Clarke said...

Wow, strong stuff! Another one I must bear in mind if it keeps up at this pitch (I daren't say actually buy, as I have so many they don't fit on any shelves any more and are spilling out over the floor).